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miss kitty fantastico

Zelia Rose... The woman to watch in Australia's burlesque scene.

Commercial Photography, Fashion, Portfolio SessionsCatherine Black

A few months back I was very lucky to be able to work with two incredibly talented and inspiring women. Damn I love my job xoxo

Photos: Catherine Black

MUA & Hair: Vanessa Barney (Website)

Model/Dancer: Zelia Rose (Follow her on Facebook)

Corset Designer: Emma's Corsets, Melbourne (Website)

Lamb @ The Forum, Melbourne 2015

Band Photography, Music PhotographyCatherine Black

Everyone has to have one band that hits you right in the chest... Lamb is that band for me.

At the front barrier, it was refreshing to meet a fellow crazy fan who disclosed that he too saw  them at the Prince Bandroom a few years back... and also was reduced to tears...

I've have seen them perform in various corners of the world and always leave feeling motivated and inspired.

Last night I had the honor of being able to photograph them live at The Forum in Melbourne -  OMG.

Lou and Andy - You are beyond explanation - and just like all the other groupies out there.... I will come see you again and again and again. xox

Zelia Rose... BOOM.

Portfolio Sessions, Headshots, Fashion, Commercial PhotographyCatherine Black

'Be fearless. Have a vision. Believe in yourself. Always hustle. Stay focused. Get out there. Get motivated. Get inspired'' xox

The gorgeous Zelia Rose, winner of the 2014 Burlesque.
LOVED photographing her. Amazeballs.

Photo: Catherine Black
MUA: Vanessa Barney
Model: Zelia Rose
Corset: Emma's Corsets Luxury corsetry in

The full 52 wonderous people at The Bernard Shaw Project

ExhibitionCatherine BlackComment

For the last month or so 10 images have been up on display in The Bernard Shaw in Dublin.

This morning they came down off the walls and so here is the full 52 wonderous people who participated! Thanks again to all who got involved and many gracious hugs to The Bernard Shaw for having us!

Lots of love, Cat and Graci

A few are below - the full 52 can be found here: Facebook link