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Cat Black Photo

Melbourne photographer

International Women's Day x

Fashion, Locations, LifestyleCatherine Black

Women of the world - you got this. Be strong, be free & continue to support each other. Let's reach for a world of equality and endless positive opportunities.


Blown away with the power babes I am so proud to call my friends and lifelines. You make me stronger, keep me grounded and inspire me everyday. Fickin' go for it... reach for the stars - I got your back xo


In Exhale Active Wear

Fashion, Campaign, Lookbook, Product Photography, Studio PhotographyCatherine Black

Inexhale Active = Designed in Melbourne and made with love.

Targeted at those of us that run a tight ship - focusing on comfortable, on trend designs that can fly to coffee, work and play.

Just launched in November 17 - Support local and hop on over to check em out :)



Photographer: Cat Black Photo
Model: Brooke Marie Smith
Makeup: Leah Carlisle

Katherine Collette Book Love

Commercial Photography, Interview, Media, Portfolio Sessions, HeadshotsCatherine Black

In the last 2-3 weeks I seem to have an amazing magnetism to clients named Catherine / Katherine / Katerina... I have 4 current clients with this fan dangle name!

Meet Katherine Collette. She's an author who is about to release her first book - which was fought over by publicists... but she won't tell you that because she's incredibly modest ;)

Can't wait to read it. She's beautiful inside and out.