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Commercial Photography

Are you in NSW??!

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To all my beautiful clients, just a quick heads up!

For the first week of July I will be in Sydney and available for a few assignments.

So if you would like to save yourself the flight and keen on some photos, give me a bell.

I am available via smoke signal, email hello@catblackphoto.com or phone +61477100255.

From there we can have a chat, create a plan and start making magic happen. Maybe do it over the next few days though - there is only one of me and I'll be back in Melbourne the following week!

Hope all is well and speak soon,

Cat x


2018 GOALS - Health and Wellbeing all in one go

Commercial Photography, Headshots, Portfolio Sessions, Personal Branding, Locations, LifestyleCatherine Black

Meet Julia. POWER BABE. Qualified naturopath, nutritionist and personal trainer.

Not only is she strong, intelligent and professional - this woman is just damn lovely all round.


Couldn't ask for a more fantastic shoot to kick off 2018.

LET'S GO ladies and gents. Now is the time!!! xo

CatBlack2017_personal training
CatBlack_personal training
CatBlack_personal training
CatBlack2017_Personal branding

Happiest of New Year's to you all!

Campaign, Commercial Photography, Fashion, Headshots, Lookbook, Studio PhotographyCatherine Black

To kick start the year, I have decided to offer any beautiful new clients 10% off photography package quotes for the month of January 2018.

So if you need new imagery, be it for your business or personal use, get in touch ASAP.

You can smoke signal, email hello@catblackphoto.com or phone 0477 100 255. From there we will have a chat, send a quote and start making magic happen.

Perfect for online stores, corporate head shots, fashion brands, portfolios, product and campaign clients. Sessions are available on location or in studio, depending on your project requirements.

Sessions are limited.

Only available to new clients and the discount is only on offer if confirmed by the end of January 2018. Get in touch for more details. xo

Katherine Collette Book Love

Commercial Photography, Interview, Media, Portfolio Sessions, HeadshotsCatherine Black

In the last 2-3 weeks I seem to have an amazing magnetism to clients named Catherine / Katherine / Katerina... I have 4 current clients with this fan dangle name!

Meet Katherine Collette. She's an author who is about to release her first book - which was fought over by publicists... but she won't tell you that because she's incredibly modest ;)

Can't wait to read it. She's beautiful inside and out.




Campaign, Commercial Photography, Fashion, LookbookCatherine Black

Videographer Pat Crock came on set for Xandi's latest launch and made us some behind the scenes movie magic.

Special congrats to Bree, Xandi's founder - I am proud to be working with her upcoming label which has already been picked up by international buyers. BOOM!

Have a peek below at our behind the scenes and polished images - Our team goes all the way with you from concept to final handover to ensure your project is seamless and on trend.
Latest collection shot with Xandi The Label

YOU NEED THIS - Aletheia Phos 'Saudade'

Commercial Photography, Studio Photography, JewelleryCatherine Black

''It’s more than a longing. It’s an ache so profound you feel it in your chest. 

Sometimes it happens with the change of season; the smell of summer lingering in the wind, freshly cut grass taking you back to your childhood. 

It’s missing someone so much it hurts. Miles may separate you, even different dimensions. The pangs in your heart could explode into a million pieces bursting with love.

It’s being homesick for a place you’ve never been; you feel it drawing you towards it, summoning the very depths of your soul. 

A past life? Maybe.

You must have been there before, otherwise, how do you know?

You just do. You feel the energy. 

It’s love lost and love found. Appreciation for the love that was and the love that’s yet to come. 

This is Saudade.''

The words of Lissy, Founder and creative director of Aletheia Phos.

Available worldwide.