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Band Photography

Lamb @ The Forum, Melbourne 2015

Band Photography, Music PhotographyCatherine Black

Everyone has to have one band that hits you right in the chest... Lamb is that band for me.

At the front barrier, it was refreshing to meet a fellow crazy fan who disclosed that he too saw  them at the Prince Bandroom a few years back... and also was reduced to tears...

I've have seen them perform in various corners of the world and always leave feeling motivated and inspired.

Last night I had the honor of being able to photograph them live at The Forum in Melbourne -  OMG.

Lou and Andy - You are beyond explanation - and just like all the other groupies out there.... I will come see you again and again and again. xox

Festival in GIF form xoxo

Music Photography, Band Photography, GIFSCatherine BlackComment

GIF's from Body & Soul @ Electric Picnic last weekend. Highlights would be Glass Animals, Kate Boy, Sinead O'Connor in the main arena, The Radio Shack and Linkoban for me... Thanks Karen, Brian, Poulina, Michael, Allen, Conor and Lucy for the madness. Here is to next year!!

For the snippet gallery of stills and GIF's from the weekend click:


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Splendour In The Grass xo

Band Photography, Music Photography, GIFSCatherine BlackComment

Last weekend I was very lucky to be a part of the Faster Louder team, working as assistant for Australian professional Photographer Daniel Boud.  For the past four years FL has created colorful and insightful back stage Artist portraits from Splendour In The Grass and this year have out done themselves with a series of Moving Portraits - presented as Animated Gifs.

There was a wonderful buzz around this project, most likely as the images give a beautiful insight into the Artist personality.

It was such a whirl wind of a weekend and I cannot express how professional and outstandingly gorgeous each Artist was to work with. A really humbling experience. 

Take a look below, make sure to allow the page to load for a minute.

 Daniel photographed dozens of artists over the three days, including Sarah Blasko, Jake Bugg, Clairy Browne and the Bangin Rackettes, Something For Kate, Ms Mr, The National, Birds of Tokyo, Monsters and Men,  Flume, James Blake, Boy and Bear, Deap Valley, Vance Joy, Klaxons, You am I, Empire of the Sun and many more.


To check out the animated GIFs on Faster Louder click here

To check out Daniel's website click here



Lunars - Video Clip Filming

Band Photography, Music PhotographyCatherine Black

Last night I had the pleasure of joining a few close friends to be a part of Lunars new video clip.

Lunars have commissioned me to do some band photography in the past and I was super stoked to be asked along as background 'talent' to show off my super fantastico acting skills - The only acting I have ever done is script runs with my actress housemate... over wine.

Luckily it was dark and only really lit by low floodlights and torches.

Check the band out at: https://soundcloud.com/lunars

Lunars is a one man a show who's  been endlessly described as 'Twisted Pop' starring leading front man, writer and talented visioneer Andrew K. The scene I partook in was filmed at Fairfield Auditorium, the perfect eerie setting with white outfits and bouncing torches. I like Lunars - it's different... so if you're into difference with talent - check it out.

Set to be released in around 3 months - Cannot wait to see how the vision turned out and will post back on here for you to see the beginning of my background extra stardom!