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Katherine Collette Book Love

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In the last 2-3 weeks I seem to have an amazing magnetism to clients named Catherine / Katherine / Katerina... I have 4 current clients with this fan dangle name!

Meet Katherine Collette. She's an author who is about to release her first book - which was fought over by publicists... but she won't tell you that because she's incredibly modest ;)

Can't wait to read it. She's beautiful inside and out.



Little Red 'Sold' Dots everywhere!!!!

Media, EventCatherine Black

Supporting local legend artists : 'THE FLOCK' by Georgia Laughton

Georgia's latest exhibition of paintings and Lithographs are on show down at 321 Smith Street - Opened last night.... pretty sure there are red dots on most of them already but go check them out before they sell out... ;)

Opening night Photos: www.catblackphoto.com/georgialaughtongallery

Georgia's website: http://www.georgia-laughton.com/

Facebook exhibition page: https://www.facebook.com/events/587398408103535/

Gallery Details: in.cube8r gallery, 321 Smith St Collingwood