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The numbers are in... !!!!

Thank you from the depths of my heart all of you who came down, donated, supported and purchased photos.


Special mentions to all the Goons who came down from Goongerah (Shelly Mclaren, John Francis Flynn, James Black and Wallabia Wildlife Shelter) Marfa Gallery for having us, House of Print for amazing results, FanWah Aubs for being an amazing bar lady and set up with me, Esther Weiler for keeping me sane with sales, Amy Livett and Char Char who helped hang and pack, Sarah Anne for marketing tips, Georgia Laughton for the projector loan, Camille Perry for the snaps, Smelliot GP and Burnley Boys for helping on the night and all the peeps who pushed me get it up and running.

The wildlife carers will be thrilled, every bit counts with love and until next time... Cat xoxoxoxoxo

part 1 : Goons Catherine Black
Catherine Black - Part 1 : Goons
Catherine Black Part 1 : Goons