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Lunars - Video Clip Filming

Band Photography, Music PhotographyCatherine Black

Last night I had the pleasure of joining a few close friends to be a part of Lunars new video clip.

Lunars have commissioned me to do some band photography in the past and I was super stoked to be asked along as background 'talent' to show off my super fantastico acting skills - The only acting I have ever done is script runs with my actress housemate... over wine.

Luckily it was dark and only really lit by low floodlights and torches.

Check the band out at: https://soundcloud.com/lunars

Lunars is a one man a show who's  been endlessly described as 'Twisted Pop' starring leading front man, writer and talented visioneer Andrew K. The scene I partook in was filmed at Fairfield Auditorium, the perfect eerie setting with white outfits and bouncing torches. I like Lunars - it's different... so if you're into difference with talent - check it out.

Set to be released in around 3 months - Cannot wait to see how the vision turned out and will post back on here for you to see the beginning of my background extra stardom!